Campers schedule will begin at 8:30 each morning. Campers can choose between Academic Camp or Themed camp for the AM session (8:30 - 11:30 am) and Sports Camp or Themed camp for the PM Session (12:00 - 3:00 pm) Each day they will have a lunch time from 11:30 - 12:00. Campers need to provide their own lunch and drink. There will not be microwaves or utensils available. Each lunch should contain everything they need to eat on that day.

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CSI & Spy camp - 6/25/18 - 6/29/18
Campers will explore the work on forensics and crime scenes through investigations. By using investigative techniques and scientific methods, your child will learn about how to solve mysteries. They will collect evidence and may use fingerprinting, footprints or impressions, trace evidence, or other methods to investigate and solve mysteries. Campers will also learn about creating codes and code breaking methods using technology and cryptography and learn about escape and evasion techniques. Each day will be filled with activities to uncover the world of science behind crime science investigations and spying.

Drop Zone Maker Camp (7/2 - 7/6)
Campers will be exploring science, technology, engineering, improvisation, art, and games related to the drop zone theme. This will include engineering projects where students will work together to design and create items to solve problems. Our Engineering Challenge asks teams to design, build and test load-bearing structures made out of specific materials. Campers will design, build and test a freestanding structure that can withstand impacts. They will incorporate writing, visual, and speaking skills to create a project describing a sudden event. Team work utilizing individual interests, skills, and strengths will be important!

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp (7/9/18 - 7/13/18)
Campers will focus on the survival theme and learning more about what to do in the face of a “zombie apocalypse”. Participants will be competing in team challenges each day and points awarded. Activities may include learning about and/or dissecting the human brain, exploring and applying theatrical makeup (zombie style), utilizing navigational skills, and understanding survival skills in extreme circumstances including finding food, shelter, and drinkable water.

Film Making Camp (7/16/18 - 7/20/18)
Campers will discover how Hollywood shoots and edits movies, while mastering filmmaking and special effects techniques. Participants will express their own creative voice through storytelling when developing a story idea with a production team, then turning that concept into a script and a shot-by-shot storyboard. Master creative camera angles and unique shots, then edit your original footage to create an exciting and unique movie all your own. Screen your movies at the end of the week in a small film-festival style showcase and leave camp with the knowledge required to create a professional-looking movie.

Harry Potter Young Wizards Camp (7/23/18 - 7/27/18)
Campers will explore the world of Harry Potter and wizardry. Participants will explore making potions and chemistry, playing in a Quidditch tournament, making howlers using technology, and learning about Latin Spells and mythology. Campers will be able to use their creative skills by creating variations on the Hedwig music theme, designing crystal balls or magic wands, and making butterbeer. There will be lots of excitement as we dig into the pages of Harry Potter and explore the science of the magical world.

Maze Craze Camp (7/30/18 - 8/3/18)
Campers will participate in a technical challenge that prompts students to complete tasks by using engineering, research, strategic planning and related skills. Participants will create a maze and design and build props and/or a way to remove something from the maze. They will create and present a story related to the journey through their maze. Campers will also create and navigate an obstacle course maze and participate in team competitions through the obstacle courses.

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